Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fake pastor

A man came 4rm a foreign country with his dog,very important pet to him called Bravo after a period of time the dog died,d man was very angry and decided to give d dog a befiting burial.so he went to a church in Nigeria met a pastor and said.''i came 4rm America with my dog to Nigeria and my dog died.the pastor flt so pity on him and told him sorry he told d pastor he wants d church to bury d dog.d pastor replied wit anger... ''my friend dis church is not for animals i mean dogs is 4 humans''d man answered ,pastor i dont kw how u see d dog but to me its like a baby to me.the pastor got angry wit d young man told him to leave d office.the young man told d pastor please direct me to the church that will accept me for 25 thousand dollars ,pastor replied young man what did u say 25th dollars wat is even wrong with u,y didn't u tell me that your dog was a christian i tut bravo was a muslem.....lol

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