Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Doctors prescription

A woman who felt being cheated by her husband went to the pharmacy to buy DDT…
The pharmacist felt the woman was going to commit suicide after giving the drug to her, so he questioned the woman about what she was going to use it for.
But to his surprise the woman said: I am going to poison my husband.
Pharmacist: Ei! why do you want to kill your own husband … don’t you know that it’s a crime and punishable by law?...
The woman after several arguments with the pharmacist and having the feelings that the pharmacist could order for her arrest started crying, she brought out an envelope from her bag and dropped it on the pharmacy's counter.
The pharmacist opened the envelope only to see pictures of his “holy wife” and his client’s husband naked in bed…
The pharmacist shouted: “blood of Jesus!” ... You don't mean it... at least you should have told me you have a doctor’s prescription.